How To Cut Marble Vanity Top

How To Cut Marble Vanity Top. My current top is 30 and is. Finishing the edges is actually the expensive part!

What is a cultured marble vanity top,update cultured marble countertops from

I would use a circular saw or a router, if using a circular saw, tape the cut line first. There is even a little. The cabinet is 32+ wide, so the top has to be 33 wide.

This Will (Obviously) Be Messy, So Do It Outdoors.

Put a piece of duct tape on the finished side of the cultured marble in the approximate area where you will drill the hole. You’ll also need a tarp, a putty knife, a box cutter, a pry bar, a. This prevents your vanity top.

Using A Hand Clamp To Hold The Hose In.

For whatever reason the original contractor used an odd size : My current top is 30 and is. Our remnant vanity top (40 long) was $300 total, including sink hole, faucet holes and finishing edges.

After You Do This, Draw A.

When you move the saw. In this video house renovation brothers dave and rich show you how to cut a marble countertop.all you need is a circular saw with a diamond tipped blade.meas. That toilet should be able to be removed without disturbing the shelf return on the vanity top.

But By Far The Safest Way To Cut Through A Cultured Marble Countertop Is To Use A Circular Saw Or Grinder.

Use throwaway towels to cover the workspace. We double and triple measured. We will install it ourselves.

Finishing The Edges Is Actually The Expensive Part!

To cut straight lines, use a pair of clamps in conjunction with a straight edge to push your circular saw against so you can maintain a steady and straight line down the length of the cultured. Place your piece of marble on a large piece of foam that is thick and sturdy. Keep it moving to avoid heat buildup.

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