How To Drain A Hot Tub Properly

How To Drain A Hot Tub Properly. Begin with a full hot tub. In this video, we're going.

How to Drain a Hot Tub Properly Hot tub, Hot tub garden, Hot tub from

Begin with a full hot tub. Add 1 bottle of dazzle drain prep to clean the hot tub plumbing. Spas with very high use, commercial or public spas, may need to drain every few days to keep maintain water health.

For Private Spas Or Hot Tubs, With Say, 9 Spa Sessions Per Week (3 Users,.

When the hot tub is empty, turn off the pump, remove it from the spa, detach the hose, and return it to storage. Finally, reconnect your power source and turn the hot tub back on to begin circulating the water. Refill the hot tub water.

The Garden Hose Will Redirect The Water From The Hot Tub To The Desired Location, So All That’s Left To Do Is Open The Drainage Valve And.

Circulate spa for at least 12 hours. Remove the front panel of your hot tub and locate the hose spigot. It’s best to bring the hose to a safe spot where the water can.

Before Draining Your Spa, Or At Least Twice A Year, Use A Chemical Called Spa Purge To Remove The Biofilm And Other Hidden Gunk.

Attach a hose to drain the water. Before draining water make sure that the hot tub is turned off to eliminate the risk of danger. You should thoroughly clean your hot tub after every three to four months.

Spas With Very High Use, Commercial Or Public Spas, May Need To Drain Every Few Days To Keep Maintain Water Health.

Unplug the hot tub’s electricity. Open the valve to drain the hot tub. Add 1 bottle of dazzle drain prep to clean the hot tub plumbing.

Begin With A Full Hot Tub.

Make sure you have your ph,. Add one bottle of swirl away, mineraluxe cleanse. Gather necessary tools and equipment.

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